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The Beach Revue: Queen of Galveston Beach Events

Nobody does a party better than a Texan, and Galveston’s Beach Revue is a two-day celebration of all the best Galveston beach activities! This annual event held in May showcases family friendly at its best and included a Bathing Beauties contest featuring the best in vintage style and some of our favorite local food trucks. Free admission makes this party even better!

Seawall History

The year was 1920, and the Galveston Beauty Contest (originally nicknamed the Pageant of Pulchritude) kicked off summer festivities and the beginning of tourist season, eventually becoming so popular it is rumored that this annual event was the start of the Miss Universe Pageant. Unfortunately, the Great Depression ended the fun and frivolity that was this Bathing Revue in 1932 and for the next 77 years, life was a little less shiny in the Galveston area.

Today’s Festivities

And then, in 2009, Galveston decided to bring back the sparkle to the tourist season with two days of Galveston Beach events, now known as the Beach Revue. Once popular Galveston Beach activities such as Splash Day and Islander by Choice were enveloped into the festivities of Beach Revue, live music enhanced the experience, and local food trucks began to feed the crowds with their delicious wares! The party was back and bigger than ever, culminating in the Bathing Beauties contest wherein beautiful women modeled the bathing suits of bygone eras and a good time was had by all.

The party grows bigger each year and we at Sterling Realtors try to never miss a weekend, and while you might have missed this year’s festivities, it’s never too late to sign up for next year! For more information on this and other Galveston events, you can check out our website and start planning for your Texas vacation!