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Exciting Galveston, TX Events

When visiting Galveston, there are a few things you should be aware of: The beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly, and we just love a party! With over 11 Galveston, TX events being celebrated every year, you can pretty much count on being able to attend at least one, if not more, whenever you visit! Here’s a list of the top events in Galveston throughout the year. Why not plan your vacation to coincide with your favorite?


Floral outdoor maze used for the full moon labyrinth walk, one of our favorite events in Galveston.Full Moon Labyrinth Walk


A whole boatload of shrimp freshly caught for the shrimp festival, one of the best Galveston events.Wild Texas Shrimp Festival
September 23 – 25


A haunted pumpkin symbolizing Haunted October, one of our favorite month-long Galveston, TX events.Haunted October
Entire month of October
A train utilized for All Aboard Galveston
October 1
A variety of paintbrushes for ARToberFEST, one of the most artistic events in Galveston.ARToberFEST
October 15 – 16
The flag of Greece being flown during the Greek Festival, one of the more cultural Galveston events.Galveston Greek Festival
October 15 – 16
Oktoberfest - one of those Galveston events where you can just relax and have a beer.Oktoberfest
October 21
A variety of paintbrushes for ARToberFEST, one of the most artistic events in Galveston.Halloween
October 31


Motorcycle's parked outside for the Lone Star Rally, one of the most biker-tastic events in Galveston.Lone Star Rally
November 3 – 6
Veteran’s Day
November 11
Last Thursday in November


Man on a horse for Dickens on the Strand, one of best events in Galveston.Dickens on the Strand
December 2 – 4
Walking down the beach for Family Day, one of the only offshore events in Galveston.Family Day: An Offshore Holiday
December 10
Watching the cranes, one of the most interesting events in Galveston.Holiday with the Cranes
December 11 – 13
Santa getting ready for the Santa 5k, one of the most invigorating events in Galveston.Santa Hustle 5K and Half Marathon
December 18
December 25
New Years Eve
December 31



Restaurant participating in restaurant week, one of the tastiest events in Galveston.Galveston Restaurant Week
January 7 – 22
Habanero hot peppers for Chili Quest - one of the hottest events in Galveston you'll find.Chili Quest and Beer Fest
January 13 & 14


Valentine’s Day
February 14
Masks for Mardi Gras in Galveston, one of our favorite events in Galveston.Mardi Gras! Galveston
February 17 -28


Mardi Gras! Galveston
March 17
corvette39th Corvette/Chevy Expo
March 11 & 12
cheese-platterSeaside Spring Soiree
March 9th


Wine being opened in preparation for the food and wine festival, one of our favorite Galveston events.Galveston Island Food & Wine Festival
April 2017
bird-photographerGalveston FeatherFest 
April 4th – 10th
kids-festivalGrand-Kids Festival
April 1st


Woman taking pictures during the home tour, one of the most aesthetically pleasing Galveston, TX events.Galveston Historical Foundation Home Tour
Weekends in May of 2017
The Beach Revue - one of those Galveston events you just have to experience for yourself.Beach Revue
May 2017
Memorial Day
Last Monday in May
May 6th


An American flag for Juneteenth, one of the most historical events in Galveston, Texas.Juneteenth
June 2017

Looking back over the list has both impressed us and tired us out at the same time; Galveston sure knows how to party! Book your Sterling Realtors vacation home today and join the party that interests you most!