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The Best Things to Do in Galveston, Texas


Rack of ribs ready for eating, one of our favorite things to do in Galveston, TX.Restaurants

Finding your new favorite restaurant in Galveston is easy! Galveston restaurants serve up classic dishes you can find anywhere done to perfection alongside local specialties. Click here to see our list of top restaurants now!

chocolate brownieLuxury Restaurants

Finding the finest restaurants in Galveston is best left to the experts! The Galveston fine dining scene is a dynamic set of eating establishments featuring cuisine from all over the world.


Relaxing at the bar, one of the best things to do in Galveston, Texas.Nightlife

There’s nothing quite like a night out in Galveston. This unique location offers much in the way of excitement during the day, and the fun doesn’t stop at night! See our list of the best nightlife spots to visit right here!

galveston-nightlife-hotspotsHot Spots

There’s nothing quite like a night out in Galveston. This unique location offers much in the way of excitement during the day, and the fun doesn’t stop at night! See our list of the best nightlife spots to visit right here!


Visiting a antique shop, one of the coolest things to do in Galveston, TX.Shopping

You can hardly call it a proper vacation without picking up some souvenirs, can you? Luckily, Galveston many different shops and specialty stores where you can find just about anything! Follow the link and discover Galveston’s shopping spots now!

Arts and Culture


The arts and culture of Texas is something that embodies every aspect of the Galveston area. If you’re looking to experience the true depth of Texas’ culture, click here to learn more!

Beach Parks

Visiting a local beach, one of Galveston's best things to do.Beach Parks

Galveston is well known for having incredible beaches, with miles upon miles of beautiful sandy shorelines. Galveston’s beach parks are a fun way to unwind on vacation, with many hiking trails and more. See some of Galveston’s beach parks right here!



Sailing on the open water is an exciting and family friendly experience that many people don’t get to experience. Cruises in Galveston offer you the chance to head out on the water and see sights you can’t find anywhere else. To learn about how you can take part in Galveston cruises, click here now!

Galveston Island

Taking a look at Moody Gardens, one of many Galveston, TX things to do.Things to Do on Galveston Island

Galveston Island is one of the top vacation destinations across the globe, and it’s easy to see why. With a plethora of entertaining activities and attractions, you will find something fun for everyone on Galveston Island. Click here to learn about things to do on Galveston Island!


tourismGalveston Tours

Galveston is a unique city filled with many sights worth seeing. Experience them all by taking one of the many cool tours of Galveston! Read on to learn about tours in Galveston.

helicopter-tourHelicopter Tour

Want a fun vacation sightseeing experience? Check out Galveston helicopter tours! All the info you need for fun helicopter rides in Galveston is right here.

mallard-2144523_640Duck Tours

The duck tours in Galveston, TX are a great way to learn more about this city, and what’s best is they really make the tour fun. Click to learn all about them today!

galveston-1152505_640Historic Tours

If you truly want to get a grasp of the history of Galveston, there’s only one place to go – the Galveston East End Historic District. Click to learn all about it today!

dolphin-1019616_640Baywatch Dolphin Tours

Checking out some of the dolphin tours in Galveston, TX? We have just the company for you. Click to learn more about and take a Galveston dolphin tour on your next vacation!

Dolphin Watching

common-dolphins-914548Dolphin & Whale Watching 

Enjoy Galveston dolphin watching on your vacation. Read on for information about the best whale watching and dolphin tours Galveston has to offer!

Galveston Bars

Having a drink with a friend, one of many things to do in Galveston, TX.Galveston Bars

At the end of a long day of fun in the sun, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as kicking back with a good drink. You will find many bars in Galveston that serve up all your favorite beer and cocktails. With many different styles of bar, you’re sure to find a place to relax in Galveston; read our bar guide here!

Downtown Galveston

A line of shops which offer a variety of things to do in Galveston, Texas.Downtown

Downtown Galveston is a unique cultural center. In the downtown area, you will find popular restaurants, fun shopping opportunities, and exciting attractions. Plan your trip to Galveston to include a visit to the downtown area; learn more about it here!

Family Fun

A packed theme park, offering a variety of things to do in Galveston, TX.Family Activities

Vacations are a great way to bond with your family; sharing in fun experiences creates fond memories that will last a lifetime. Galveston has many attractions and things to do that are family friendly, making it a great vacation destination. See our guide to Galveston’s family activities right here!


Watching the sunrise, hands down one of our favorite things to do in Galveston, Texas.Beaches

Visiting a beach might just be the most quintessential vacation experience, and Galveston boasts some of the most incredible beaches in America. Read this guide to the beaches of Galveston and start planning your relaxing trip today!


Fishing off the Shore, one of the best things to do in Galveston, TX.Fishing

Heading out on a boat, dropping a line, and kicking back on the serene waters is an incredibly relaxing vacation experience; there’s nothing quite like spending a day fishing. Learn about how you can get out fishing in Galveston right here!


Visting a golf course, one of those things do in Galveston, TX.Golfing

Hitting the links while in Galveston is a must-try vacation experience! Golf is a sport that is heavily influenced by course design, and Galveston is home to some incredibly scenery that adds an extra element to the game. Follow the link now and learn how you can experience golf in Galveston for yourself!


Looking out over the gulf, one of the most interesting things to do in Galveston, TX.Sighteeing

The picturesque coastline of Galveston offers much in the way of sightseeing. With beautiful gulf views and a unique environment, you won’t want to miss the sights and sounds of Galveston! Read our sightseeing guide here to get started.


Accessories of a local spa, one of the more soothing things to do in Galveston, Texas.Spas

Vacations are all about de-stressing and rejuvenation, and a spa visit is one of the best ways to wind down. Comfort and relaxation go hand in hand at Galveston spas; see for yourself by reading our guide to the best spas in Galveston!


Doing yoga with a friend, one of the best things to do in Galveston, TX.Yoga

Combining fitness and relaxation, yoga aims to get you in tune with your body while adding flexibility and strength. Stretch out your tired muscles while feeling your stress melt away by taking a yoga class on your Galveston vacation. Read our guide to yoga in Galveston right here!

Ghost Tours

Looking around a haunted house, one of the more spooky things to do in Galveston, Texas.Original Ghost Tour on the Strand

Enjoy tales of haunted sites? The Original Ghost Tour on the Strand highlights the history of the supernatural in Galveston. Learn more about this daily tour right here from Sterling Realtors!

Tremont Jazz Series

Instruments for making music, one of the more enjoyable things to do in Galveston, TX.Tremont Jazz Series
The local favorite Tremont Jazz Series continues to draw crowds each Friday and Saturday night. If you enjoy quality jazz music, read on to learn more about how this Galveston institution got their start!

Jamaica Beach

jamaica-beach-galveston-txWhy Visit Jamaica Beach
Jamaica Beach is a beautiful destination in Galveston Island, offering vacationers many fun opportunities. Click here to see why you should visit the Jamaica Beach area during your stay in Galveston!
restaurants-jamaica-beach-galvestonJamaica Beach Restaurants
These delicious restaurants in the Jamaica Beach area of Galveston will have you coming back for seconds! Read on to see a few of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat in Jamaica Beach, Galveston!

Historic Sites

galveston-historic-sitesGalveston Historic Sites

Galveston is a placed filled with historical value, and there are many homes and buildings that have been preserved through the years for your enjoyment. Click here to learn about some of the many historical sites in Galveston, TX!


galveston-natureGalveston Island Nature
Galveston Island is home to a thriving ecosystem of plants and animals, and getting out and seeing the beauty of the area with your own eyes should be a priority. Click here to learn where to go to connect with nature in Galveston!


brain coralScuba
The Gulf of Mexico is home to a thriving undersea ecosystem of plants and animals, and diving deep and experiencing the beauty of the gulf with your own eyes should be a priority. Click here to learn where to go to scuba dive near Galveston!
flippers and snorkelSnorkel
Just below the surface you’ll find the gulf is teeming with life and color! There are a bunch of  local spots to take advantage of. Read this article to get the full scoop on Galveston snorkeling!

Date Night

date-night-in-galvestonDate Night in Galveston
One of the best reasons to take a vacation is to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Galveston is a great destination for couples, as there are many beautiful places to visit and fun date activities to enjoy together. Read on to learn more about romantic things to do in Galveston!


biking-in-galvestonBiking in Galveston
With so much to do and see in Galveston, you might be wondering how you can possibly see it all! One of the best ways to explore Galveston is from the back of your very own bicycle! Click here to learn more about biking in Galveston, TX!

Rainy Day Activities

galveston-tx-activities-on-rainy-daysRainy Day Activities
It’s always a worry when taking a vacation that inclement weather will spoil your trip. Fortunately, there are many fun things to do in Galveston that won’t be affected by a little rain! Click here to learn how to beat the rain on your trip to Galveston, TX.


museums-in-galveston-texasTop Museums in Galveston
Galveston is home to many unique museums with varied themes, including aviation, trains, toys, underwater warfare and more! Click here to learn about some of the best museums to visit on your trip to Galveston!

Free Things to Do

Free Things to Do in Galveston
Who doesn’t like free? Check out some of these awesome activities you can partake in, at no cost to you!

Galveston on a Budget

Galveston on a Budget
Just because you’re going on an amazing vacation doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Click here to learn about some fun things to do that will also keep your costs low!

Pet-Friendly Activities

Pet-Friendly Activities
If you plan on bring your pet with you on vacation, you’re in luck – there are bunch of pet-friendly things to do in Galveston, Texas. Click to learn more today!

Horseback Riding

horseback-silohuetteHorseBack Riding
Horseback Riding is an adventure for all! Even if you’ve done it before, you havent done it quite like this. Galveston Island is a beautiful place to ride along the ocean and through the land on horseback. Listen to waves crashing by your side and feel the sea breeze gently drift past you as you ride through the scenic landscape on the Gulf Coast.


Combining fitness and relaxation, yoga aims to get you in tune with your body while adding flexibility and strength. Stretch out your tired muscles while feeling your stress melt away by taking a yoga class on your Galveston vacation. Read our guide to yoga in Galveston right here!

Anniversary Vacation

date-night-in-galvestonAnniversary Vacation 



Weddings in Galveston Texas are hard to forget. The scenic views and romantic locations coupled with amazing attractions to entertain family and friends before and after your wedding will make this destination wedding worthwhile. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime to kick off your life together with your new spouse.

Bachelor Parties

suit-tieBachelor Parties
Planning a Bachelor party in Galveston Texas? We have all you need to plan the last party of you or your friends single life. Get ready for a party that you will never want to forget here in Galveston and check out some great venues to host such an event.

Bachelorette Parties

toastBachelorette Parties
There are plenty of fun places to have your bachelorette party here in Galveston Texas. Discover where to throw your last bash as a single woman! We would love to help you make it an event to remember!

Honeymoon Vacations

rosesHoneymoon Vacations
Romance is our specialty on Galveston Island where there are breathtaking views all around and exciting adventures for you and your new lifelong partner to have here. Romantic venues for dining and dancing are here too so find what there is to do for you and your spouse in Galveston Texas on the Gulf Coast.

Houston Day Trip

houstonHouston Day Trip
Visit the Texan Capital for a day after your stay in Galveston. There’s plenty going on this this bustling metropolitan and something exciting can be found for anyone here. Learn what you could do in Houston by clicking the link above, but keep in mind there are many more options beyond what we can include here.

Sugar Land Day Trip

directions-gps-drivingSugar Land Day Trip
Sugar Land is not a candy factory, but it might be just as sweet for a day trip here. Find what Sugar Land can offer its visitors and consider a day trip to this not so far off destination.

Texas City Day Trip

texas Texas City Day Trip
What could be more Texan than Texas City? Find out for yourself by taking a day trip here. Full of history and surprises, Texas City is a great locale to explore. Learn some of the things you can do on a  day trip to this city.