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Why Choose Galveston For Your Next Vacation


There is nothing more natural to a vacation than pulling up a chair or laying out a towel on a sandy beach. Galveston is located on the Gulf of Mexico and has plenty of beaches that will help you absorb the sun on your vacation. Seawall Blvd is the main strip of the entertainment district that runs along the coast of Galveston Island. Along this road lies miles of fresh sand beaches that will make sure you have a great time. The water remains a comfortable 80 degrees throughout the entire summer. We recommend trying out Stewart Beach or Poretto Beach while you are in Galveston.

Moody Gardens

One of the most fun things to do in Galveston is the theme park Moody Gardens. At the park, there is a rainforest inside a huge glass pyramid, an aquarium, a science exhibition, a collection of lagoons and waterfalls and an Imax Theater. This park will have something for everyone and is a great reason to visit Galveston.

The Strand

The Strand is a shopping and dining district that has a unique charm that is only observable in Galveston. The stores along this district will keep you browsing for hours and then you can take a break to enjoy one of the great quality restaurants in the district. The Strand has it all and is the best place to stroll during the day or night.

The Weather

The weather in Galveston is to die for. Since Galveston is located right on the ocean, the winds tend to keep the weather cool during the summer and pretty warm during the winter. The summer temperatures vary between the high eighties to low nineties during the day and drop to about eighty degrees at night. In the winter, there is generally no snowfall as the temperatures usually don’t drop below sixty degrees.

These are only some of the reasons to choose Galveston during your next vacation. Take a look at the rest of our website for more attractions and places to stay during your next trip.