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Buying Vacation Home Rentals in Galveston, TX

This island city located on the Gulf of Mexico is a vibrant and bustling one that still retains the laid back lifestyle that beach living is all about. Spending a day frolicking in the gulf waters tops our list of top things to do in Galveston, but there is so much more that makes this town our favorite place to live, work, and play in. Any beach town can be popular, but it’s the extras that make the vacation homes rentals in Galveston, TX so valuable – tourists flock to this city all year round, rain or shine!

Our Homes in Galveston, TX


What you'll see when you step outside our Galveston homes at the Pointe West Resort.

Many Galveston homes are not only affordable, but right on the water, something most island city’s can’t claim. These are the homes, or condos, tourists love the most, but the island is small enough that all the homes in Galveston, TX are close to the water, meaning any investment will be a profitable one. Galveston offers a wide selection of housing options, including everything from luxurious condos to large family homes and even charming and cozy bungalow styles that amp the cute factor way up.

Imagine spending your vacations in luxury condo overlooking the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, creating gourmet meals in a kitchen you decorated, or sleeping peacefully in a comfortable bed with the windows open, the music of the waves crashing against the beach, ensuring a dream free night. Your future tenants will be just as happy, just as content, and very willing to pay you for the opportunity to vacation in one of these beautiful Galveston homes. And the best thing is, they won’t just be paying your mortgage—they will be paying for your retirement. Your golden years will be long, happy, and thriving as you supplement retirement income with your vacation rental income. How many other people can say that?

Buy Your Galveston Homes From Sterling Realtors


Our offices are located right here in Galveston on the west end of Sea Isle, giving us the opportunity to know the values, the properties, and the people in a way most real estate agencies can’t. When we expanded to Galveston back in 2004, we did it because we recognized the potential here and we want to share the opportunity with you. Texas is a big state with an even bigger heart; who wouldn’t want to be a part of all that is special about our home state? Take a look at our vacation home rentals in Galveston, TX for sale and give us a call. We want to help you plan for your golden years while living it up today!




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