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Houston Homes For Sale

Houston, Texas is where Sterling Realtors got their start and as such, will always own a big piece of our hearts. Located not far from Galveston, where we are based now, Houston is a sprawling city, home to the Astros and Rockets, and home to Space Center Houston. Only good things happen in our big town on the bay where your neighbors still smile and wave as they pass you on the street. This bustling Texas town will soon grab a piece of your heart too, especially if this is where you choose to buy your vacation property.

Houston Homes

What Houston looks like when viewed from a distance.

The variety of homes you have to choose from in this sprawling town will boggle your minds. From the coziest of condos near Galveston Bay to the largest brick homes in the suburbs, the most difficult thing about purchasing a property will be deciding which one suits your purposes best! You and your guests will feel right at home in a cozy stucco condo updated with the latest in state of the art appliances and just the right amount of space. Or spread out in a luxurious brick front home containing wood floors, granite countertops and a pool for those hot summer days; potential tenants will pay more for a home with a pool!

Whatever your choice, once made you can sit back and revel in the fact that complete strangers will be paying for your home while still allowing you the opportunity to stay there whenever you desire! It’s a crazy thought, but it’s true. Vacation homes in Houston & Galveston, TX bring in big dollars and Sterling Realtors are at their best when finding the bargains!



Buy Your Houses in Houston or Galveston, Texas From Sterling Realtors!

As stated earlier, Houston is where we got our start and although we are based out of Galveston now, we still do a good bit of business right here in town. The town was quite a bit smaller back in 1994 when we first opened our doors and we like to think we grew right along with the city. Today, we can still find the bargains you need, even if it means we have to fight for what we think is the right price! When you become our client, you have the best real estate company in all of Houston (and Galveston) at your back. The only good deal is one that makes YOU happy! While you’re here on our site, why not take a look around and see all we can offer you; we think you will be very happy!




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