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Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Why Choose Vacation Rentals?

What Is a Vacation Rental?

A Galveston logging vacation rental is a home or condo that is rented out on a daily or weekly basis to vacationers to provide an alternative to expensive resort style hotels. Instead of staying in a cramped little room, guests are able to have an entire home at their disposal. At Sterling Realtors, we manage our client’s vacation rental properties in Galveston TX to make sure that we provide you with the best accommodations during your stay. All of the rentals are cleaned between uses, receive regular maintenance checks, and whatever else we can do to make sure that we can provide the best to our customers.

Why Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel?

A beachfront vacation rental in Galveston TX gives you far more freedom then you will ever be able to attain in a hotel. Instead of renting a small room, you have access to multiple bedrooms, a living room, complete kitchen and much more. You will have the freedom to cook your own meals, entertain large groups and even catch a moment away from the kids.DSC_3478-min

What If I Like the Hotel Amenities?

A vacation rental does not mean you lose out on things like a resort style pool or even shared areas that are common to most hotels. One example of wonderful resort style vacation rentals are our condos at the Diamond Beach Resort. These vacation rentals are all condos that lie on the resort and provide up to four bedrooms per unit with all of the wonderful amenities that come with the resort. These include world class pools, cinema, fitness centers, kids’ play rooms, game rooms, and much more.

If we can help simplify your vacation planning experience please let us know. We would love to help you plan your next Galveston vacation.