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Buying Vacation Rentals in Houston or Galveston, Texas

When you buy vacation rentals in Galveston or Houston, TX through Sterling Realtors, you are buying more than just a place to spend your down time; you are investing in your future. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, we know the values of vacation rentals in Galveston and Houston, Texas, and we fight to get you the most home for the lowest price. Texas, in our opinion, is the only place to live, and we love getting the opportunity to choose our neighbors, so why not take a chance and start looking here for your next investment property? Continue reading to learn more about buying the top vacation rentals Galveston has to offer!

Why Buy Vacation Rentals in Galveston or Houston?


A resort that houses some of the best vacation rentals in Galveston.

The largest expense of any vacation is the cost of lodging, running from one hundred dollars a night and up. Unless you have a money tree planted in your back yard, your budget could very possibly be blown before you have calculated the cost of feeding a family of four three meals a day for a week! But by owning your own vacation rentals in Galveston or Houston, TX, not only do you not have to utilize a large portion of your budget towards lodging, you can have complete strangers pay for your vacation accommodations! Rent the home out when you are not planning on using it and save your vacation dollars for sightseeing and souvenirs—it’s that easy. Stock up on groceries and enjoy breakfast in before hitting the beach and save even more money. Owning vacation rentals in Galveston or Houston, Texas offers a plethora of benefits.


What Kind of Homes Does Sterling Realtors Have Available for Purchase?


We’re not just property managers, we are licensed realtors and as such we can find you any home you desire, but we have found that the best vacation rentals are the ones you find near the beach. Condos that are large and luxuriously decorated are extremely popular and tend to garner the largest amount of rental income. The amenities that accompany condos—fitness centers, theater rooms, pools, and hot tubs—don’t just offer opportunities for you to have fun on your getaway, they are huge draws for vacation tourists as well.

Sterling Realtors – The Best Vacation Rentals Galveston Offers


There are many reasons why buying vacation rental is a smart decision and even more companies that you could choose to buy that property from, but when you buy your vacation rental homes in Galveston, or Houston TX from Sterling Realtors, you become a part of our family. We have over 20 years of experience selling and buying homes in this great state; why would you want to look elsewhere? Contact us today for more information – or click here to book the top vacation rentals Galveston has to offer!




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Diamond Beach Resort Condos:




Pointe West Resort Condos, Cottages, and Beach or Bay Lots:

Beach Condos: 

$265,000  Beachside  Furnished 3 Bedroom/ 3 Bath

Bay Condos:  




Beach Homes:

Sea Isle   $420,00    2nd Row Beach    Furnished 4 Bedroom/3 Bath

Sea Isle $460,000    Beach Front         Furnished 4 Bedroom/3 Bath