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Amazing Galveston Attractions | Sterling Realtors

If you’re looking for something amazing to do on your Galveston vacation, look no further! We have your go to list of all the best Galveston attractions you know and love, from Bishop’s Palace to the Grand Opera House to the Lone Star Flight Museum and more! Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, these attractions will make your Galveston vacation a memorable one. Click below to see all the amazing attractions in Galveston, or contact us today to learn more about planning your vacation!

Trust us; here at Sterling Realtors, we have all you need to make your vacation as incredible as possible. Click below for more information!

Bishop's Palace - one of those Galveston attractions you couldn't miss if you're life depended on it.Bishop’s Palace
This humongous castle was once home to Colonel Gresham and sports some of the finest architecture you will find in Galveston. Click to find out more!

Grand Opera House
This Victorian opera house has weathered a variety of tragedies, and still stands to this day. Click to learn more about it today!

The Lone Star Flight Museum - one of those Galveston attractions where you'll learn and have fun.Lone Star Flight Museum
This interactive museum is the perfect place for airplane fanatics. Learn more today!

Moody Gardens - one of those Galveston attractions you couldn't miss for the world. Moody Gardens
This theme park has a good mix of educational activities and thrilling attractions. Check it out today!

Pleasure Pier - by far one of the most historic of all Galveston's attractions.Historic Pleasure Pier
This pier is the perfect place for all the family fun you could need. Click to check it out!

The Willis Moody Mansion - the most elegant of Galveston's attractions.The Willis-Moody Mansion
This Victorian mansion was once home to the renowned Moody family. Click to learn more!

reed bed in GalvestonGalveston Island State Park

This state park is a great place for nature lovers, and offers a variety of outdoors activities for all. Click to learn more!

8442710247_0c3570dda5_zUnique Tree Sculptures

The tree sculptures in Galveston, Texas should be a staple for any first time vacationer. Click to learn all about these marvelous Galveston tree sculptures today!

640px-Old_map-Wolfe_City-1891Texas City Museum

The Texas City Museum is one of those Galveston museums you can just spend days in, trust us. Click to learn more, or browse some of the other museums in Galveston, Texas today!

634px-The_Rosenberg_Library_--_GalvestonRosenberg Library

The Rosenberg Library in Galveston, TX is an amazing place full of all the knowledge you could ever imagine. Click to learn more about this great Galveston library today!

640px-Aerial_view_of_the_Port_of_Galveston_September_22_2008Port of Galveston

The port of Galveston, TX is a great place to check out all the boats and sea vessels you can handle. Click to learn more about it today!

22310663088_d8a17e92df_zPort Bolivar Ferry

The Galveston Port Bolivar ferry is the only ferry in Galveston that can give you the true experience of the area’s scenic waterways. Click to learn more today!

407852671_61d993074a_zPorretto Beach

This is just our humble opinion, but Poretto Beach is probably hands down one of the best beaches in Galveston, TX. Click to learn all about it today!

521081377_1280x72061st St Fishing Pier

Galveston’s 61st Street Fishing Pier is the place to be if you want to go home with a nice fresh fish dinner. Click to learn more about this fantastic fishing spot in Galveston, Texas today!

910px-USA_Texas_location_map.svgGalveston Island Convention Center

Looking to take part in a event? Then you should look at what’s going on in the Galveston Island Convention Center. Click to learn more!

galveston-1152504_1920East End Historic District

If you truly want to get a grasp of the history of Galveston, there’s only one place to go – the Galveston East End Historic District. Click to learn all about it today!

The Texas Seaport Museum - a place full of wonderful maritime Galveston activities.The Texas Seaport Museum
This museum is home to the memorable Elissa Ship. If you’re a sailor at heart, or interested in learning more about one of America’s greatest treasures, click today!

The Oil Rig Museum - one of Galveston's attractions we guarantee you won't find somewhere else.Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum
This offshore oil rig is a great place to learn about the history of offshore drilling, and the complexities of the oil industry. Click to learn more!

Pelican Island - a lovely island full of some of Galveston's best activities.Pelican Island
This amazing island, technically in Galveston, is home to two of the most historic museums on the Texas coast: Seawolf Park and The American Undersea Warfare Center. For more info. click today!

The Point Bolivar Lighthouse - one of those Galveston attractions that embodies the culture of the area.Point Bolivar Lighthouse
This retired lighthouse is certainly a sight to see. Check it out today!

San Luis Pass - a beach where anyone can partake in a variety of fun-filled Galveston activities.San Luis Pass
This public beach sits at the southwestern end of the Island, where it connects to the Texas coast. Learn all about it today!

Schlitterbahn - one of the most exhilarating family-friendly Galveston attraction you'll find.Schlitterbahn
Easily one of the most iconic waterparks in Texas, Schlitterbahn has something for everyone. Check it out today!

Seawolf Park - one of those Galveston attractions you just can't find anywhere else.Seawolf Park
If you’re looking for one of those memorable submarines of the Southern Coast, this is the museum for you. Click today!

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica - one of the most ancient Galveston attractions still intact today.St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica
This 150+ year old Cathedral, is one of the oldest of the state. Learn more today!

The Historic Strand District - a great place to find a variety of Galveston attractions.The Historic Strand District
This Historic District, located in downtown Galveston, has all you need for an interesting day on the town. Click to learn more!

american-underwater-warfare-centerAmerican Undersea Warfare Center
Visit the American Undersea Warfare Center in Galveston to learn all about the naval history of our country and even explore actual ships! Learn more about this interesting attraction here.

ashton-villa-galveston-txAshton Villa
This historic home in Galveston, TX isn’t currently open to the public, but it’s still well worth a trip to see! Learn more about this old villa right here!

galveston-railroad-museumGalveston Railroad Museum
The Galveston Railroad Museum is home to a collection of engines, train cars and more that would make any enthusiast’s day! Visit the Galveston Railroad Museum on your next trip to the area for an education and fun time.

artsyArt Museums
Art History is something to be appreciated and a knowledge of art history is often highly revered. While you have time on your vacation, why not stop by our fantastic art museums and educate yourself on some of the finer things in life.

History and Heritage
Galveston Texas is a place full of history and being a western port city in the US it has seen periods of high immigration, so much so that it is often compared to Ellis Island. Learn more about the history of Galveston Island here.

amusement-park-1209681_1920Thrill Attractions

If your ready for excitement check out our thrilling attractions in Galveston Texas. The water parks and amusement parks in this city are nothing to shrug-off, see why with the link above.

bazaar-1031565_1920Antique Shops
Antiques are another famous aspect of Galveston Island. We have antique finds here sure to please even the most experienced antiquers around. Even without experience its always fun to go window shopping. Check out the best places to find antiques in Galveston Island.

church-bibleSt. Joseph’s Church

Interested in visiting some landmarks in Galveston? Why not check out St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Read on to learn more about St. Joseph’s Church in Galveston.

sunrise-1142786_1920 (1)Stewart Beach Park

Enjoy the outdoors with a trip to Stewart Beach Park in Galveston, TX. Click here for all the info about why you should visit Stewart Beach Park on your next Galveston vacation.

sand-castleEast Beach

East Beach in Galveston, TX is a great vacation spot you won’t want to miss. Pack your suit and hit the sand – here’s everything you need to know about East Beach in Galveston!

playground-childMenard Park

Visit Menard Park in Galveston, TX for a fun family trip! Read on for more info about Menard Park from Sterling Realtors!

magnetsChildren’s Museum

The Galveston Children’s Museum is a unique attraction designed to entertain and inspire young children. Bring your young ones to the Children’s Museum in Galveston on your vacation!

menard-houseMenard House

Enjoy a visit to the Michel B. Menard House in Galveston on your next vacation. Read on for more info about why you should visit the Menard House in Galveston!

clocksGalveston County Museum

The Galveston County Museum was one of the treasured attractions in Galveston, TX. Currently being repaired from hurricane damage, the Galveston County Museum will return!

birdBird Sanctuary

A visit to a Galveston bird sanctuary makes for a fun and educational trip. The Dos Vacas Muertas Bird Sanctuary is the perfect place; learn about it here.

tomb-cemetaryOld City Cemetery

The Old City Cemetery in Galveston is a popular landmark to visit for those who enjoy history. Follow the link to learn more about this unique cemetery in Galveston.