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Valentine’s Day in Galveston, TX

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Some people write-off Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy chocolate or eat out for dinner. At Sterling Realtors, we say that Valentine’s Day is all about sparking your romance—so take it seriously! And what better way to spark romance than with a romantic getaway? A getaway, perhaps, to a luxurious condo with plush beds, inviting dining rooms, and expansive beaches? A getaway, perhaps, to Galveston Island, Texas?

Valentine’s Day is a flexible holiday—unlike Thanksgiving, where you need mastery of your own kitchen to really enjoy yourself, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated virtually anywhere. In fact, Valentine’s Day might be the best holiday to take on the road—bloggers, journalists, and poets from way back when have all commented on how the delight of travel and the spark of new experiences bring people together, whether they are honeymooners or long-term couples. The area had everything you need for a great romantic experience, so why not come take part in some of Galveston, TX’s Valentine’s Day celebrations?

The City’s Best

Galveston, TX is a Valentine’s Day haven – whatever you need for Valentine’s Day, you can find it here. Flowers, naturally, are a must. So, check out Downtown Blooms for an extravagant display of affection—they even allow on-line ordering that you can pick up from the store! Knapp Flower Shop and Island Flowers are other award-winning florists whose tremendous displays of beauty will kick your Valentine’s Day up a gear.

There’s no shortage of fabulous restaurants here, either. The Saltwater Grill won’s “Restaurant of the Year” award in 2016, and is conveniently across the street from The Grand 1894 Opera House—perfect for dinner and a show! Or, head to Yamato Japanese Seafood Sushi and Steak House, where the chefs’ masterful hibachi skills are a show in and of themselves! If you’re both fans of the great outdoors, then head to Waterman’s Restaurant and enjoy Valentine’s Day dinner with a lovely view of Galveston Bay.

Besides all this, many of the fun activities in Galveston, TX can be given a romantic spin. Kayak tours, cruises, or even shopping—everything from jewelry to antiques to novelties—all make great Valentine’s outings.

For the Perfect Galveston, TX Valentine’s Day Experience Stay With Sterling Realtors!

Don’t be fooled by the term “one-bedroom,” as we never take that as an excuse to skimp on size and luxury! Your romantic getaway condo will be spacious and amply furnished, with all you need to enjoy yourself. The kitchens are fully stocked with dishes and appliances, so you can make each other food (perhaps the purest form of affection?) appropriate for the special day. Generously-sized windows bring such light into your day, you’ll forget it’s winter. And the bedroom itself is fabulous, with plush mattresses and high-thread linens. The tubs are spacious enough that you can enjoy a warm soak together and relax with a glass of wine, smiling and thinking about how lucky you are to have each other.

If a Galveston, TX Valentine’s Day sounds like it could be right for you, contact us at 409-515-1211 and let us help you through the booking process. The spark from this romantic getaway will leave your love blazing for months to come!