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All About St. Patrick’s Day in Galveston Island

saint-patricks-day-29924_640It doesn’t matter if you’re Irish or not—take any excuse you need to take a vacation! Sure, Galveston’s got tons to offer anyway, with rich history, stunning beaches, and plenty of shopping and sightseeing, but why not add an extra Irish flair to your vacation and give it some added personality?

If you’re planning your getaway around Spring Break, then this page is definitely worth a look, as many school’s Spring Breaks overlap with St. Patrick’s Day. Check out the special events in Galveston, TX that you might miss at any other time of year!

How the Tradition Began

It’s a little-known fact that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not actually Irish, which is partially why we have no problem wearing “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” buttons on the day reserved for celebrating this religious saint! St. Patrick is known for banishing the snakes from Ireland, and St. Patrick’s Day became an official holiday in Ireland in 1903, but we Americans jumped the gun just a little; our first celebration happened all the way back in 1737—proof that no one loves a party more than the Americans!

Did Someone Say Party?

What is St. Patrick’s Day without green beer? A sad disappointment and hardly worth the effort if you ask most Irish (for the day) Americans, and the following places are offering exciting celebrations for this special day. If you are visiting the week before the day of the green, Barcycle, one of the more favored events in Galveston, Texas, is the true start to all the festivities. Involving local residents dressing in green and visiting pubs on the strand via two-wheeled transports (bicycles!), this fun event begins at noon in front of O’Malley’s Stage Door Bar. There’s no need to be sad when the pre-party ends; Barcycle leads up to the main event, and Molly’s Old Cellar Bar is the perfect spot for emerald green beers and tasty bar treats to sop up the alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. Murphy’s Irish Pub is another place that promises to never let you down. Green beer, Guinness, and Jamison Irish Whiskey are their specialties of the house—be sure and add them to your Irish itinerary!

Where to Celebrate:

Holy Family Parish’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival

The Holy Family Parish is a major community force, so it’s no surprise that this church should throw a fantastic festival to honor such a venerated saint! In 2016, their St. Patrick’s Day festival boasted a full line-up that would be sure to entice tourists and locals alike! A high-tension live auction left several people walking away with surprise treasures, a beer garden gave people a chance to sample the best brews of the city, and live music (including an expert bagpiper, of course!) added an Irish spring to attendees’ steps. The date and itinerary for next year’s festival hasn’t been set yet, so keep an eye posted on their parish website to learn more about this exciting event!

Irish Pubs Bring Ireland to Galveston!

The historic Strand District is happily home to two Irish-inspired pubs, where you can let your taste buds in on the celebration! Murphy’s Pub is ideal if you’re hankering for a bite to eat. The fare is actually quite American, but the atmosphere embraces Irish heritage. And don’t be discouraged—the food is dang great! Featuring a daily soup, house-made pizzas, and an array of delectable sandwiches, Irish and Americans alike are sure to be satisfied!

And if you want to emphasize the drinking tradition of St. Paddy’s Day, head over to Molly’s Pub. It kicks up the authenticity a little bit, and the beers a lot, with over 60 beers from across the globe!

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