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The Santa Hustle 5K: The Best Galveston Christmas Event

One of our favorite things about Christmas in Galveston is all the homemade treats and goodies offered by friends, family members, and loved ones in celebration of good cheer. One of our least favorite things about the Christmas in Galveston are all the extra pounds we accumulate from EATING all those homemade treats and goodies, which makes the Santa Hustle 5K and half marathon a necessity for us; where else can you have fun and get some good old fashioned exercise in at the same time?

Taking place this year on December 18th, thousands of Santa’s (yes, the participants dress as Santa) will run the streets and paths of downtown Galveston while listening to Christmas music, and Christmas treats and cookies can be found along the way, so we kind of think it’s a win-win situation! Ok, it only solves half our battle, but this Galveston Christmas festivity is fun and there are prizes involved, so if you’re lucky you made just win a medal, cool hat, or beard!

Christmas is our favorite time of year and Galveston’s Christmas events like the Santa Hustle has a big part in making the season even more special, especially at the after party, where you can dance your jingle bells off and celebrate with the a few thousand jolly old men and women! We’ve made this zany Galveston Christmas event an annual tradition in our households and you can too. All you need to do is book your Sterling Realtors vacation rental to coincide with the Santa Hustle on December 18th. We promise the cookies are worth the run! Visit the Santa Hustle website for registration information and costs and prepare to hohoho your way through the streets of Galveston!