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Rental Property Management Services FAQ

A home listed with our property management companyAt Sterling Realtors, we know that managing a vacation rental can be stressful, and sometimes you just want a quick answer to your question rather than a long drawn out sales call. We put together some frequently asked questions that you may have for your property management company. If your question is not on this list, feel free to give us a call and we will keep it brief, while still answering your questions.

What is included in your rental property management agreements?

We attempt to meet all your expectations and put them into writing in our agreement. We will outline price, amenities, services, and much more in our agreements. We try to customize these with every owner to ensure they are getting the most out of the agreement.

Can I get access to my own home?

Of course! We make sure that the owners have access to their homes at all times. We provide you with a schedule of bookings so that you can see when your home is being used. If you need access to the home while someone is staying there, please contact us first and we will help you make arrangements with the guests.

What is the cost?

We make sure to keep up with industry pricing and beat it! We keep updated with other companies and we strive to keep your cost as low as possible.

Do I need to clean my own house between guests?

No. A part of our property management services that we offer owners includes the cleaning of the home and the landscaping as needed. The interior of the home will be cleaned after every visitor and we keep up the landscaping and maintenance as needed at every home.

How do you market my home?

We make sure to take professional photos of the home once everything is put together and market your home through our site and other travel websites. We make sure that your home is getting the most views possible to ensure a constant flow of bookings for your vacation home.

What happens if there is a large repair needed?

For any large repairs, we contact our owners first. We handle the day to day maintenance of the home, but large repairs are the responsibility of the owner unless caused by a guest. We can work with you to replace the item ourselves or you can contract that out to a third party.