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New Year’s in Galveston Island


Some people mark Christmas as the cutting-off point for the holidays, with lights coming down and tinsel put away, with just one last hurrah at New Year’s—but Galveston, Texas is one place that does not share this ideal We continue strong with our holiday festivities continuing straight through into January! All our visitors escaping home for a while can continue to enjoy the best of winter celebrations, including light festivals, ice sculptures, and…. A water park?! You’ve got to experience it to really believe it! All events below are still in full swing from December 26th to 31st, and usually beyond!

Lights and Ice at Moody Gardens

After 6 p.m., Moody Gardens lights up the night with a fantastic Festival of Lights; this has been a Galveston New Years Eve tradition for years now, and tourists make it a point not to miss it! Admission costs about $11, and gets you entrance to a brilliant spectacle of over one million lights! The breathtaking visual effects fill the night sky with a visual warmth, contrasting with the cool boreal breezes.

Moody Gardens also hosts Ice Land—an annual event that’s just as cool as it sounds! The popular event continues into its third year, with international ice sculptors coming to display their talents. The captivating creations are rather Galveston-themed, with oil rigs, coral, and all sorts of sea life on display in frozen form. This rare treat is rarely available outside of Scandinavia, so make sure you see it during your stay!

Heated Pools Bring Summer Back

The nationally renowned Schlitterbahn Water Park is open for business on December 31st! Embracing how odd that might sound, the park throws on a winter twist to some of its most popular attractions. The Borealis Light Show plays some of your favorite tunes, animated with lights. The Torrent River is transformed into a giant snow globe. And yet, with all the pools heated, it feels just like summer! Don’t miss this pleasant paradox—swimming won’t be chic again until May!

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