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Getting Ready for Property Management in Galveston, TX

Quality property management yields beautiful homes with high rental ratesThere are many different kinds of rental properties that we manage here at Sterling Realtors, but some are easier than others, especially when we first get started. If you are looking to have your rental property managed by our company, or any other, there are some steps that will expedite your process and decrease the time it will take to get your property ready for the top property management companies. Make sure you follow these steps prior to hiring us to save you some money and get the property on the market and money into your pocket faster.

Research Pricing Trends

First, make sure you find a price range that you would like to list the property at. Every time we list a new rental, we perform an evaluation to make sure that you are receiving the most money for your property. This includes comparing your home to other rentals in the area, price for the square feet, and amenities that you offer. We combine these factors to get the best price for you while still ensuring that you are getting renters regularly. Although we complete this service upon hiring, it’s good to have an idea what you think you should rent your house for before you pursue property management in Galveston, TX.

Create Livable Space

Second, when you purchase or choose to place property with us for rent, you need to ensure that the property is ready for someone to stay in; for us to provide quality property management, you first need to provide a quality property! This means giving the entire home a good cleaning, ensuring there is proper furniture in all the rooms, and making the property generally livable. This is a really easy first step that can avoid a costly wait. Without these necessities, we would not able to market the home and it would cause an unnecessary wait.

Add Extra Luxurious Touches

Third, add amenities that will attract more renters. This step is not a necessity, but it will increase your frequency of renters and amount you can charge. Adding certain desirable amenities, like a pool table, outdoor grill, or entertainment system, will attract more renters. Certain renters really want to be spoiled while on vacation, and these are a great way to accomplish this. Being able to shoot a game of pool in your vacation home or sit and watch a movie after a long day on a deluxe entertainment system is a really nice feature that renters are looking for.

If you would like more tips on your vacation rental, feel free to give us a call!