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Get the Most from Your Galveston Vacation Rental Homes

Get the most out of your Galveston vacation rentalSterling Realtors has years of experience with the Galveston vacation rental market, and we know from this experience that renting a home is extremely difficult if you don’t know the market and business. If you are trying to rent your home and are coming up dry, try a few of these tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Galveston vacation rental.

Create a Welcoming Environment

First, you want to make sure that your home is properly set up for a variety of different guests. This means including all needed bedding, supplies, and amenities that a prospective family or group would need. If you are renting out a four-bedroom home, make sure that all four bedrooms are properly stocked with bedding, toilette paper, and amenities to make your home more attractive to prospective renters. Some attractive amenities may include HDTVs in the bedrooms, laundry facilities for them to use, kitchen appliances and dishes, and entertainment options.

Many families are looking to use Galveston rental homes instead of hotels during the vacations to make sure they can save money on their trip. Giving families the option to cook for themselves or spend some family time in the home is a great way to attract prospective renters. Providing these different amenities may cost a little bit out of pocket, but it will put your Galveston rental properties ahead of others.

Extra Amenities

Another method to consider is providing some additional services that other local vacation rentals don’t have. This can be anything such as a pool table, outdoor grill with pool, or deluxe entertainment system. Extras like these tend to stick out to prospective renters and really set your Galveston rental properties apart.


Finally, you may want to try having your Galveston rental homes staged properly to take professional photos for your website or advertising. Having a photographer or professional staging company help you arrange your vacation home for the best photos is key to attracting renters. In most cases, the online photos will be your biggest selling point and the renter’s only point of reference of your vacation home. Make sure you make the right first impression!

Sterling Realtors

If these seem like steps outside your reach, consider our management company for your vacation rental. We provide a plethora of different services for our owners that will allow you to run your property stress from and let us to the heavy lifting. Please feel free to call us for more information or tips on your vacation rental.