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Galveston, Texas Halloween Events

pumpkins-469641_1920You might not have thought of it, but Halloween is the perfect time for a vacation. No matter where you’re from—whether the backwoods of Virginia or the tempest-tossed shores of Florida, whether the mansions of Beverly Hills or the rolling plains of Kansas, Halloween can get a little bland after a while. The neighbors use the same decorations each year, you know each street like the back of your hand, and you’ve heard all the scary stories your town has to offer. So, why not switch it up a little?

Rent a place in Galveston, Texas and discover Halloween all over again! With a rich history like ours, there’s all sorts of horrifying stories and bewildering mysteries to discover. Plus, while on vacation, everything is new, adding a slight spook factor to every wrong turn, every unfamiliar face, and every decoration that looks a little too real. If you’re in the area during the Halloween season, you’ve got to check out some of Galveston, Texas’ October events!

Ghost Tours of Galveston

Led by Dash Beardsley, these tours include several options, each one focusing on a different area of the city. Far beyond spooky stories though, Beardsley’s tales include his own research and news from sources that never made it into the local legends. Taking you to the settings of his stories, the storyteller has a knack for using fact as well as fiction to create some of the most fascinating tales you can find, all of them deeply tied to Galveston’s rich history.

Beardsley has anything but a monopoly on these events though—check out other tours, including Broadway Cemetery, Haunted Harbors, and the Bishop’s Palace Tours for even more spine-chilling experiences.

Haunted Manor

One of the most popular haunted houses in the county, Mayfield Manor hosts a terrifying open-house of the residence of a doctor said to have gone insane… or so the story goes. The manor also hosts a party during the season, so keep your eyes peeled for the dates—there’s no Halloween party that can beat one at a haunted house!

The Witches’ Ball

If spooky/chic is more your style, then look up the Witches’ Ball, hosted by Galveston’s favorite purveyor of the esoteric, The Witchery! Every year on the Saturday before Halloween, they host a fabulous masquerade that benefits local charities. It attracts an eclectic mix of cocktail attire and all sorts of elegant costumes—you never know what you’ll see. A costume contest with four categories—including a couple’s category—adds to the excitement! Please note, this is an adults-only event. Admission includes free drinks and food!

Take Advantage of All the Galveston, Texas Activities When You Stay With Sterling Realtors!

No matter how spooky the story, you’re sure to feel as safe as home sweet home in our luxury condos. Spacious kitchens perfect for late-night snacks, couches and TVs perfect for scary movies and much more make our properties the ideal place to spend Halloween. If you have any questions about properties, availability, or pricing, call us at 409-515-1211, or send us a message using the “Contact” link at the top-right of your browser window. A whole new Halloween experience awaits you!