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Chili Quest: The Galveston Chili & Beer Fest

There’s a few things Texans do to better than every other place on Earth (although most Texans will say they do EVERYTHING better!), and high on the list of excellence would be creating the best chili while drinking the coldest of beers. Because we do it so well and we love parties, Galveston’s Chili Quest and Beer Fest came to fruition!

For two days in mid-January, participants get to drink beer, eat chili, and listen to live music in this Galveston beer fest designed to make the men in your life very happy! As if the aforementioned items aren’t enough to garner the interest of said men, maybe washer pitching contests (it’s a Texas thing, you’ll have to see it to understand it!) margarita contests, and a BEER FESTIVAL featuring over 100 different types of craft beers will seal the deal; all that’s missing from this Texas chili fest is a poker tournament and some manly grunting!

But wait—there’s more! Because we don’t want the women feeling left out and unimportant, there will be vendors selling their wares throughout the festival, includes arts, crafts, jewelry, and other exciting items, as well as a historical strand merchant walk-about perfect for finding even more wares to bring back home with you!

The holidays may be over, but friends and family back home will still be expecting gifts from your unforgettable Galveston vacation spent in one of our luxurious Sterling Realtors vacation rentals. Book your home today and start prepping your taste buds for spicy chili and cold beer. January and the 2017 Galveston, Texas Chili & beer fest are only a few months away!