creepy mansion in galveston with haunts

Top Haunted Tourist Spots in Galveston

Living on an island that has been tormented regularly with hurricanes and other massive storms, you must figure that many of the people who did not survive the storms have spirits that are lingering and making their presence known today—and you would be right. If you’re visiting during the Halloween season (Or any other season; ghosts don’t only show up on Halloween!) and you’re intrigued by the thought of viewing the spirits of those who came before you, here’s a list of some of our favorite haunted destinations—goose bumps are provided free of charge!

The Bishop’s Palace, 1402 Broadway Avenue J

Built strong and proud in 1893, the Bishop’s Palace is one of the few buildings that survived the 1900 storm that very nearly decimated Galveston Island, and that may be due to the original owner, Walter Gresham. Today, he is often spotted appearing agitated and worried whenever a storm is about to occur, and many guests and employees of this museum have claimed to have seen him over the years. Will you be next?

Stewart’s Mansion, 14520 Stewart Road

Reputed to be the most haunted building in Galveston, Stewart’s Mansion has been home to a variety of spirits over the years, including pirates, cannibalistic Native Americans, dogs, and even a voodoo queen. Today, the ruins of the mansion can be spotted during your visit to Galveston Island State Park, as can the restless ghosts of the voodoo queen and many others.

Hendley Row, 2010 Strand

Built in the 1850s, the buildings on Hendley Row have a long and tragic history and are inhabited by the spirits of multiple people! Keep an eye out for the Lady in White, who sobs as she frantically searches for something we may never know or see, or the little boy who plays much as he must have during his lifetime and can be often seen running back and forth. A little girl, a confederate soldier, and a teenager are just some of the other ghosts that can be spotted in the retail stores that comprise the building today!

Seawall Walmart, 6702 Seawall Boulevard

If you happen to hear a child’s laughter or tears, but know you are alone in that segment of the store, or if you happen to see a toy seemingly jump off the shelf right in front of your eyes when you stop in the Seawall Walmart for a couple of items you forgot to pack, don’t be too frightened: It’s merely the ghosts of the children who inhabited the St. Mary’s Orphanage that once stood in this very spot. It was destroyed in the great storm of 1900. 10 nuns and 90 orphans lost their lives on that day, and it is believed it’s the children you can hear, crying for their mothers.

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