Top Beach Front Restaurants in Galveston

Enjoy Your Meal with a Waterfront View with these Galveston Restaurants

Galveston Island is known for its beach and tropical feel. The Island is surrounded by boats, the ocean is viewable from almost anywhere, and the restaurants reflect the atmosphere. The restaurants offered in this beach city are as phenomenal as they are numerous. Restaurants are not lacking in this area, but there are some that are must-visit spots. Here are a few of these gems that you should visit during your next Galveston vacation.

BLVD. Seafood

BLVD. Seafood is the fifth installment of well-known local restaurant and bar owners that places the guest right in the middle of the kitchen. The restaurant is an open theme with lots of counter space and open seating that allows the diners to view how the food they are about to eat is prepared. The décor of the restaurant teaches diners about the historic features of Galveston, including photographs reflecting the history and evolution of the “Boulevard.” The menu is based on fresh seafood options from local providers and features flavors of the Gulf Coast. Pairings of wines and other drinks accompany these delicious dinner options.

Miller’s Seawall Grill

Miller’s Seawall Grill offers the tastiest of Gulf Coast comfort food morning or night. Most notably known for their fresh seafood, Miller’s specializes in both seafood and breakfast foods. Diners can pick from a variety of different food options, including omelets of all types, a tasty catch filled with melted Swiss cheese, boiled shrimp, onions, and tomatoes. Miller’s food will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back for more.

Olympia The Grill at Pier 21

Olympia The Grill is the product of first generation Galvestonians that are descendants of Greek immigrants. Owners Larry and Tikie’s parents immigrated to America and brought with them the classic recipes of their Greek homeland. Along with the ever-popular seafood of Galveston, Larry and Tikie cook and serve classic dishes like Greek salads, gyros, lamb, and fine burgers. Olympia The Grill is open for both lunch and dinner.

These are just some of the best restaurants that make up the beautiful views that Galveston has to offer. This beautiful city has much to offer those who wish to experience it. If you would like any guidance for your trip or if you are looking for somewhere to stay, feel free to call or visit our website for details on our incredible vacation rentals.