Nearby Towns to Visit while on Vacation in Galveston

Galveston’s got pretty much everything you need—long beaches, fresh seafood, fishing, and some really cool museums—plus, of course, some super-swanky rentals! All that said though, sometimes a daytrip can be an exciting change of pace, especially during a longer 7-day vacation. If you find yourself eager to see more of Texas, we’ve got two places in particular that we’d like to recommend to you!


Maybe you haven’t heard of Angleton? It’s a city almost due west of Galveston. To get there, take I-45 Northwest to the mainland, and then head south on TX-35 S. In an hour, you’re there!

So, what’s in Angleton? A lot of nature! Hundreds of bird species call this area home, and Angleton boasts excellent access to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. Over 40,000 acres, this area houses both hiking and driving trails—not to mention being perfect for photographers. (You can also access this Refuge on your way to Angleton by taking FM 2004—hit the refuge in the morning, then head to Angleton for lunch!

Like so much of Texas, Angleton is also tied to a rich history of American settlement. Check out the Brazoria County Historical Museum or the Varner-Hogg Plantation State Park to learn more about American expansion and antebellum culture.


You have probably heard of Houston. This massive city may not boast quite the same feeling that Galveston does, but it certainly offers plenty of ways to spend a day out! Plus, its heart is only an hour drive from Galveston. One of the first major settlements in Texas, Houston naturally boasts plenty of museums describing the fascinating, courageous, and controversial spread of Anglo-American culture into what is today Texas. Check out the Texas Independence Trail to learn more about the ambitious history of this State.

Galveston’s a great place, but its size limits the number of golf courses it can host—not true of Houston! In fact, the Houston area features over one hundred golf courses, meaning that no matter your skill level or your playstyle, you’ll find something that suits you. So if you’re someone who feels it isn’t vacation if you can’t relax with a round of golf, then Houston’s for you!

Stay with Us!

All this said, Galveston is probably the best place to stay—we’re a nice distance away from all the hubbub of the Houston area, and our seaside location gives the city an inimitable charm. Plus, it’s where we host some of the finest luxury rentals in the state! Browse our site to find the perfect dream vacation lodgings, or call us at 1-800-381-6923 to learn more about our offerings and services.