Galveston Spring Events & Festivals

In Galveston, you will find more reasons to visit and to stay than there are fish in the Gulf. Listing these reasons would be an exhausting task, perhaps an impossible task. Among the endless list, amazing beaches, great weather, and a one of a kind history are big reasons that hundreds of thousands of people visit every year. But there are also countless fun and unique Galveston spring events and festivals. Spring is home to many of the favorites of locals and visitors alike.

Music Nite on the Strand

On the second Saturday of March and April, you can enjoy a truly fun event in the Music Nite on the Strand. This occurs in the gorgeous setting of Saengerfest Park. Of course, there are amazing bands performing live music that you are sure to love, but there are also movie screenings and other theatrical performances. Check the schedule at to pick the Music Nite that you will absolutely love.

Galveston’s Own Farmers Market

This event is not specific to the spring, but this is definitely the best time to take advantage of it. This due to the fact that you can experience beautiful, sunny weather every single day. This is also the best way to truly get a flavor for the town, which is one of the main goals for any traveler when in an interesting place. It is like many farmer’s markets you have attended before, but with elements that are completely unique to this unique town. You can take advantage of this amazing and fun event every Sunday and Thursday.

Beach and Bay Walks at Galveston State Park

One of the main reasons to visit Galveston is to explore and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that the island boasts. Because of this beauty, an event does not have to be overly complicated for it to provide an unforgettable experience. This is at the heart of the Beach and Bay Walks at Galveston State Park. Get together with your group and simply walk through one of the most celebrated state parks in all of Texas. This made all the better with the perfect weather that you can count on during the spring in Galveston.

For every celebration discussed here, there are hundreds more. Simply visiting the city’s calendar of events will provide great insight into the perfect festivals and events for you. If you want your next Galveston vacation to be one of the most memorable of your life, consider planning it around something that you will truly love! Book your stay with Sterling Realtors and enjoy a comfortable vacation rental home for your stay in Galveston.