Why Choose Sterling Realtors for Property Management

As the island of Galveston, TX is one of the best vacation destinations on the entire Gulf Coast, you will find many vacation homes. You will also find many companies that are capable of managing those properties. But you are sure to find no group that will do property management with more care and attention to detail than us at Sterling Realtors. We understand that you have made a large investment in your home and we understand the work required to make that investment work for you.

Experience and Expertise

It all starts with our owners Chris and Claire Downing’s experience in real estate. They started their own real estate company in Houston in 1994 and helped countless people buy and sell homes. In 2004, they expanded our business to Galveston and put a special emphasis on managing vacation rentals. Another huge aspect of what makes Chris and Claire the perfect leaders for our property management team is they own their own vacation rental property. They have found great success in renting out their property and want to share that success with other people in the Galveston area. You can be sure that the logistics of your vacation rental will be well taken care of with us at Sterling Realtors. After all, Claire once managed around 25 communities for a grand total of over 4,000 properties, so this should be a piece of cake!

Amazing Services

There is a lot more to property management than a lot of people realize, and we tend to go above and beyond even the highest standards for services. It all starts with 5-star upkeep of your property both from an aesthetic standpoint and a maintenance standpoint. We will take care of everything. With nearly 25 years of real estate experience in this area, we have the best connections to local cleaning and property maintenance firms and always send the best person for the job.

Once the house is looking the very best it possibly can, you need to market it through the proper channels to get it in front of the right people. This is where we excel as we have an established vacation rental website that attracts 1,000s of visitors every week. This type of marketing is one of the most valuable services that we bring to the table, and in today’s vacation real estate industry, there is no substitute for it.

Once your guests have checked into your home, we still go above and beyond in tending to their every need. One aspect of our services that keep guests coming back again and again is our concierge style services.

There are many specific things that come along with the property management services that we provide, but the most fundamental aspect of Sterling Realtors is we care about your investment. This care shows in each and every property that we manage.