Best Cheap and Local Eats in Galveston

Vacations are the perfect time to break out of the routine! Go explore and find a hidden gem to be your new favorite restaurant while you’re looking around Galveston. Here are a few of the local restaurants that’ll leave both you and your wallet full!

Café Michael Burger

Along Termini-San Luis Road by 7 ½ Mile Road stands Café Michael Burger. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense place in middle-Galveston to get a burger with quick service, then Café Michael Burger is what you’re looking for! Their sandwiches and burgers average $9 or less, and their hot dogs are even cheaper, though they do feature some “European Specials” for about $14 each. You can also get alcohol here, if you’re really looking to relax.

Leon’s World Finest Bar-B-Que

It’s not often you can find a place where the name on the sign is a real person who works there! Leon’s is consistently rated highly for their delicious bar-b-que—while it may not be the finest in the world, it’s close enough, and even draws in people from Houston! With sandwiches around $7.50 and 1-meat dinners costing just $10, you’ll really get your money’s worth here! Look for Leon’s at 55th Street and Broadway Avenue.

Mercadito Y Taqueria Inc.

If you’re not from the southwest and don’t have a lot of spare cash, make this the place where you look for authentic Mexican food. Doubling as a market for Mexican-cuisine ingredients, this taqueria makes some fabulous tacos. It’s on Broadway Ave. J and 38th, and delivers a lot for the cost! Economical, authentic, friendly, and delicious—what more could you want?

Shrimp ‘N Stuff

A little more expensive than some of these other options, Shrimp ‘N Stuff deserves special mention as offering more affordable seafood prices. While some dishes may cost $14, you can get fried tilapia for under $7, po boys for $8, and catfish for $10. The spot is surpassingly popular with locals, too! If you have to satisfy your seafood cravings without breaking the bank, this is your spot—it’s at Avenue O and 39th Street.

Pho 20

Another place with $10 – $12 meals, Pho 20 gives you your money’s worth. They feature classic Vietnamese dishes such as vermicelli noodles, tofu, pho, and some Chinese dishes as well, plus some Vietnamese takes on Southern staples like brisket and catfish! The staff are courteous and the service excels—look for Pho 20 at Broadway Avenue J. and Moody Avenue.

All This and More in Beautiful Galveston

While many tourist traps boast expensive cuisine, modest Galveston welcomes visitors with all kinds of delicious places like these that won’t break the bank! Come stay in Galveston and enjoy southern hospitality in a luxurious rental property—call Sterling Realtors at 1-800-381-6923 to learn more!