4 Things Off the Beaten Path to Do in Galveston

The best spots aren’t always the most popular ones, and in a small town like Galveston, this is doubly true! To make the most of your time here, you need to know where to find the hidden gems that only locals know about; knowing right where to look is key to having a great vacation! Read on for a few ideas about off the beaten path activities to enjoy on your Galveston vacation.

Check out Some Breweries

Just because Galveston isn’t famous for its beer doesn’t mean it’s dry! Beerfoot Brewery is a popular choice for visitors to the seawall, with an extensive selection of brews to enjoy while you watch some sports or play some darts. Or, check out Galveston Island Brewery—a family-friendly brewery that makes its own beer, including their well-loved Tiki Wheat.

Learn Some Spooky History

Galveston is a historic area, and few people know its history better than Dash Beardsley, runner of Ghost Tours of Galveston. His tours bring the most haunting, mysterious, and horrifying stories of Galveston to life, weaving together personal dramas with local and national history. Beardsley is a superb story-teller who has done his research, and more than a few tourists have left with a new appreciation for the paranormal.

Rent a Kayak

Not a whole lot of people consider kayaking first when thinking of the beach, but Galveston Island in fact has some great waters for it. Head to Galveston Island State Park for a perfect day of calm waters and invigorating paddling. If you think relaxing at the beach is nice, you need to try paddling out a ways and then lying back in a kayak as the waves gently rock you. Contact Artist Boat for more information on accessing a kayak.

Get Some Mexican Food

Whether you’re stopping by for the huge portions and fabulous service of Los Molcas or the whole-fried fish of Honduras Food, Galveston’s got some great Latin-inspired food to try out. If you’re not from the southwest, you need to taste how people close to the border can really inspire a dish. El Marcadito Y Taqueria is another option—it’s a convenience store and taco shop wrapped up in one, but there’s no compromise here on the quality of the food, and you can find niche ingredients to make your own Mexican food too!

A Not-so-Hidden Gem: Sterling Properties!

If you want to try your hand at making your own food, you’ll want something like the fully-stocked kitchens that so many of our properties feature! In fact, there’s pretty much nothing here that isn’t complimented by a luxurious rental property, whether you’re looking for a place to sleep in after too many beers or a place to feel safe after some ghost stories, you’ll be coming home to exactly what you need! Contact us at 1-800-381-6923 to learn more about our offerings!