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Willis-Moody Mansion: The Most Luxurious Museum in Galveston

vizcaya-891773_1920Texas does everything bigger, and the Willis-Moody mansion & museum in Galveston is a proud testament to that well known fact. Standing tall and imposing on 2618 W Broadway, this red brick and white stone “palace” was built in 1895 and was owned by the powerful Moody family from 1900 until 1986. People who tour the home today will see that it is filled with the personal effects of the family who owned it for so very long. What was once faded, wilted, and falling apart has since been restored to its 19th century grandeur and is today a popular attraction visited by thousands of old home lovers each year.

Proud elegance 

The Victorian era brought about a fondness for excessiveness. If one turret was an example of your position in society, six turrets would prove you were practically royalty. It wasn’t enough to build a nice sized home that would fit your family comfortably; your home had to be grand enough to house the entire city if possible, and the Moody mansion is a shining example of those beliefs. Outside, multiple turrets and arches proudly proclaim the status of the owners, while the interior, with its lavish use of warm woods in deep dark colors, wallpapers created of rich fabrics with vibrant colors and multiple patterns, and oversized stained glass windows with intricate designs, is sure to give the average person a sense of inferiority, which was probably the original owners’ intent!

Touring the Moody Museum in Galveston  

Self-guided tours of the Moody museum in Galveston are offered daily with admission fees of $12 for adults, $6 dollars for children 6 and over, and free for children 5 and under. Private behind the scenes tours are available Fridays through Sunday at the bargain price of $25 per person. 20 rooms are open to the public during regular tours, allowing you to catch a glimpse of a lavish lifestyle most people will never be able to experience in real life.

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