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Veteran’s Day by Galveston Bay

Vacations always sound nice, but when will you find the time? Well, why not around one of Galveston’s November events, like Veteran’s Day? If it makes a three-day weekend, then boom, easy decision! And if it falls on a Tuesday or Thursday? Take off Monday or Friday and bam, four-day weekend, perfect for a getaway! Take the time off to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Galveston Island, Texas, from its awe-inspiring beaches to its mouthwatering seafood! And after a day of soaking up the best the city has to offer, come home to one of the best condos you’ll ever have slept in.

Why Veteran’s Day?

The eleventh of November is actually an excellent time for a vacation. September keeps rolling on and on after Labor Day, and do you really want to wait all the way until Thanksgiving? And if you’re in the Midwest or along the upper Atlantic coast, the chill of winter grows more and more aggressive as November rolls on. Why not get one last hurrah with a quick escape to Galveston, where the Gulf of Mexico keeps our temperatures milder? As an added bonus, Veteran’s Day is during our low season, meaning prices are better and you have more flexibility in your planning options!

Veteran Ships on Veteran’s Day

Galveston boasts a unique claim to fame on Veteran’s Day, with Seawolf Park playing host to two World War II-era ships—one retired, one restored. Many tourists and schools head up to Pelican Island to view these relics of one of the most world-changing events. The first is the USS Stewart—one of fewer than a half-dozen “destroyer escort” class ships still in existence. The second is the USS Cavalla, a submarine. It is due to the prestige of these artifacts that the Galveston Marine Corps League gives an annual Veteran’s Day salute at Seawolf Park, featuring speakers from all branches of the military. These two locations are ideal for truly embracing the spirit of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism that Veteran’s Day celebrates.

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