The Top Art Galleries in Galveston

Galveston, Texas is often thought of as little more than a great vacation spot. But there is also a strong culture there resulting from the area’s rich history. This culture has fostered a bustling art scene within the community. As a result, there are countless art galleries throughout the island that will provide a memorable experience for the art buffs and laymen alike. Here are some of the most notable galleries on the island.

Galveston Arts Center

In 1986, this center for the arts was incorporated as the primary center for contemporary art in Southern Texas. Here you can admire beautiful exhibits that are changed and reimagined every month, so every trip the center is a unique and fresh experience. For example, the current New Beginnings exhibition features the work of seven artists who offer dramatically different interpretations of color and form. You will find incredible diversity in style and beauty throughout the center. You can find the Galveston Arts Center on the Northern side of the island on the intersection of Kemper and Strand Street.

Third Coast Gallery

In the downtown Historic District of Galveston lies Third Coast Gallery. Here, you will find unique elegance from the charming architecture and design of the 140-year-old building to the exhibits themselves. Throughout the 2,200 square feet of exhibitions, you will find diverse beauty presented in abstract painting, sculptures, assemblages, wood turnings and sculptures and so much more. The gallery and the artist for whom the gallery serves as a studio is most predominantly known for representational painting in both watercolor and oil. They truly are a sight to behold!

The Galveston Art League

The Galveston Art League has become so popular on the island that they opened a second location to accommodate all of the patrons. Their venues on both 6th Street and Postoffice serve as meeting places for lovers of the arts. This is a unique gallery because it blends opportunities to admire the work of renowned artists with that of advancing your own art. The league prides itself on advancing the arts in the area with a very hands-on approach.  Members can enjoy endless workshops put on by renowned artists, along with exhibitions and art walks. There is no better way to get involved in the artistic culture of Galveston than joining the Galveston Art League.

There are countless other places that offer amazing art for the enjoyment of Galveston’s locals and visitors alike. Through the diversity of these galleries, you will find that there is something that everyone will appreciate in Galveston. Make sure you check out some of the amazing galleries in the area on your next Galveston vacation.