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What you Need to Know About Galveston’s Memorial Day Weekend

memorial-day-1798725_640Imagine—it’s been a long few months. Christmas was approximately two forevers ago, and you couldn’t get President’s Day off. The repetitive weeks have blurred by, and you need SOMETHING to break the monotony. Finally, Memorial Day appears on the temporal horizon! You can’t wait for June for a summer getaway; you need summer now! You need sunlight, beaches, luxurious condos…you need Galveston Island! Well, fear not! These kinds of scenarios are exactly what our rental properties are designed for. You can take a break and feel like royalty for a weekend!

Why Memorial Day?

By the time Memorial Day rolls around, we all need a break. Especially if you’re farther north in the U.S., you’re probably eager for summer—spring is nice, but it isn’t the same! That’s why you should leap at your first chance to enjoy a break at a place like Galveston Island, where you can fulfill the textbook example of a fine vacation. Spend the morning exploring downtown, shopping and sampling local foods, before passing an afternoon at the beach soaking up the sun. Don’t delay in setting up your vacation—Memorial Day is the final weekend before our “high season” begins, so get the best deals while you can!

A True Memorial

On Memorial Day, locals and veterans alike head to Pelican Island to visit Seawolf Park. There, the American Undersea Warfare Center hosts two mighty vessels who gave their all in one of the greatest conflicts of mankind’s history. The USS Cavalla is the first—a submarine that once sank a Japanese aircraft carrier, among other claims to fame. The park also hosts the USS Stewart. One of only three destroyer escorts still around, the ship has been restored to its former state since its sinking. These ships aren’t only on display—guests can tour the boats themselves, with most of the Cavalla open for exploration and more and more of the Stewart being opened each passing season.

If you really want to make the best out of your Galveston Memorial Day weekend, visiting these two vessels is a must. Visitors take themselves closer to history by exploring them, and grow to better understand the daily life as well as the struggles of our veterans.

Enjoy a Variety of Galveston’s Weekend Events When You Book with Sterling Realtors!

No matter where you’re coming from, Sterling Realtors is determined to make your vacation a step up. Our beds will be the comfiest you’ve ever slept in, our bathrooms the most relaxing you’ve ever lounged in, our sofas the most welcoming you’ve ever watched a large-screen TV on. We’ve got the kitchen appliances, the wi-fi…all we need is you to be there to enjoy it! Start browsing our weekend listings now so you can get the jump on the Memorial Day season. If you want to learn more about the events in Galveston, Texas or have any questions or suggestions, shoot us a message using the “Contact” link in the upper right—or just call us up at 409-515-1211!