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Galveston Cruises

22310663088_d8a17e92df_zSometimes the best way to enjoy the gulf waters is from a motor vehicle skimming along the top of the waters, and our cruises from Galveston are perfect examples of how much fun can be had in this manner! Carnival, Disney, and Viking all have hubs here with the opportunity to go just about anywhere you want! Our hardworking staff has provided a list of cruises that might be of interest to you, our hardworking guests, who might be looking for a little romance and fun aboard one of the many cruise ships who harbor here!


Offering four and five day cruises to Mexico and seven day cruises to the Caribbean, you can spend long romantic hours strolling the beaches of Cozumel (and Honduras and Belize when on the Caribbean cruise!) while on land—don’t forget your sunscreen—or just exploring the quaint seaside villages. When aboard the ship, you will find more activities than you ever imagined possible, including pool movie nights! Enjoy the latest movies without ever leaving the pool. We recommend having a tropical beverage nearby as well; you might have some land side stresses lingering that you just didn’t realize!


Here with family? A Disney Cruise, while fun for people of all ages, is especially fun for the under 18 set! Offering four day Galveston cruises to Cozumel, multiple six and seven day cruises to different spots along the Caribbean (including Jamaica!), AND a Bahamas cruise that lands in Key West as well. You will be the hero of the day when you take your kids on one of these fabulous cruises from Galveston! Enjoy your alone time with your spouse as your kids run tame around the decks of the Disney Wonder under the careful supervision of the Disney staff; family dinners will bring about a closeness you never realized could happen.


A seven-day cruise on the Caribbean has never been so special as when skimming the seas aboard the Liberty of the Seas. Offering six, seven, eight, and even twelve day cruises, this is the trip you deserve! Explore Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica on the shorter cruises, and explore the world on the longest twelve-day cruise. Unlike some of the other cruises out of Galveston, the twelve day starts in New Jersey, travels through Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Curacao, Grand Cayman, and then ends in Galveston. Easterners with a lot of time off and a hankering to head west will enjoy this cruise the most!

Winding Down After One of These Amazing Galveston Cruises

When you return from one of these amazing Galveston cruises, you can get your land legs back by spending a few restful days in one of our Sterling Realtors charming seaside condos. The only down side to a land and sea vacation is having to return to real life at the end; but it’s all good—you only have 12 more months until your next unforgettable Texas vacation! Galveston is addictive, after all!