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Original Ghost Tour on the Strand

Tales have been told for years about the historical and haunting past of Galveston Island, TX, especially when it comes to the downtown district known as The Strand. A long list of ghost stories about Galveston has been passed down from generation to generation among local residents. However, visitors find themselves just as intrigued with the town’s colorful past and looking for ways to find out more. This is what makes the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand one of the most popular activities on the entire island.

Dash Beardsley’s Original Ghost Tour on the Strand

The Original Ghost Tour on the Strand was started by Dash Beardsley and combines historical facts with plenty of spooky accounts. While some of these are second or third-hand narratives, the world-renowned tour guide claims the others to be based on personal experience and research.

Tour Information

The Original Ghost Tour on the Strand is offered daily, and is particularly popular during the month of October. Dash Beardsley takes his tour participants to multiple locations along The Strand and highlights variety of historical events that had a hand in shaping the city and the haunting tales of past Galveston residents, pirates, sailors, vagabonds, and more. All ages are welcome with the accompaniment of an adult.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand is a fun and enlightening experience that will give you a real taste of Galveston culture. Contact the vacation rental experts at Sterling Realtors for help booking the perfect place to stay during your getaway.