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fishing in galveston

Galveston Fishing

Whether you’re a fishing aficionado or just learning how to cast your line, there are a wide variety of opportunities for fishing in Galveston. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the Texas island is surrounded by water that is teeming with sea life, which makes for an enjoyable and successful fishing excursion no matter what your angling skill level may be. There are numerous beaches, piers, and jetties that allow you to drop your line right from the shore, or you can set out in a boat on one of the many deep sea and charter tours to see what you can catch from some of the bay reefs and flats. Be sure to try out some of these Galveston fishing hot spots.


Galveston Island State Park is a popular spot to fish from the shore. No license is required as long as you keep your feet planted on the ground and don’t venture out in a boat. Jamaica Beach and Seawall Urban Park are other good locations to go fishing on Galveston’s beaches. Redfish, kingfish, flounder, sheepshead, and sometimes even shark can be caught near the shoreline.

Galveston Pier Fishing

The Galveston Fishing Pier and 61st St. Fishing Pier are some of the favorite local spots for some good old-fashioned Galveston pier fishing. It’s $10 to cast your hook in either place, but you can come away with a nice variety of fish. The island’s extensive jetty system allows for a unique fishing experience where you never know what you might encounter. Here, you’re likely to catch croaker, king mackerel, flounder, cobia, trout, red snapper, and gafftop.

Galveston Bay

The calm waters of the bay allow fishing from smaller boats. The flats and reefs are brimming with all kinds of fish. This is due to it being an estuary, which means salt and fresh water have combined to make a body of water that is rich in nutrients so marine life can thrive. Galveston Bay is filled with large spotted seatrout and redfish.

The Gulf of Mexico and Offshore Fishing

Whether you go on your own or go with a tour, fishing out on the open water is the best option if you want more adventure. Just thirty miles from shore you’ll find kingfish, dorado, snapper, and shark. However, if sport fishing interests you, charter a boat that will take you out 100 miles for white and blue marlin, large tuna, and wahoo.

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