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biking in galveston

Biking in Galveston

Galveston bike rides around the area are the perfect activity for those who enjoy the outdoors. You can tour all the best areas, such as the Strand, the historic districts, the Seawall, and so much more. You can enjoy the surf, sand, history, sights, and sounds of Galveston. The island is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a break from everyday life. Read on to learn more about where to go on your Galveston bike rides!

Something for Everyone

Whether you are a long-time bicyclist or someone who just wants to enjoy the scenery, you’ll find all sorts of great places to explore. There are wonderful sights along the Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier. Ride for a bit and then take a break at any one of the many restaurants and watering holes. There are also great vendors along the way, and beachfront shops where you can do a little shopping.

If you love architecture, take a ride through Galveston’s historic district. Also, don’t miss the East End or Silk Stocking Historical Districts, where you can find architecture going back to pre-1900 storm.

Throughout the area, you can find some wonderful remnants of Hurricane Ike. While this storm destroyed many of the beloved oak trees in the historical areas, you’ll find that the homeowners took something bad and turned it into some good! Some of the remaining tree trunks were turned into works of art depicting pets, storybook characters, nature, and other carved whimsy. There’s even an available tree sculpture map available at visitor centers and area brochure racks.

The famous Seawall Boulevard stretches for more than 10 miles, where you can ride on paved sidewalks to enjoy the sun and the views. And of course, you can just enjoy the ocean breezes from the Gulf of Mexico. Wherever you choose to go, biking in Galveston is sure to deliver a great experience!

Available Galveston Bike Rentals

Don’t worry about traveling with your own bike. In Galveston, you’ll find plenty of places to rent a bicycle for your adventures. You can rent all sorts of bikes—everything from beach cruisers to mountain bikes to road bikes. Galveston bike rentals allow you to explore the area at your leisure.

At Sterling Realtors, we know how much fun biking riding around Galveston can be. We even offer vacation rentals that will put you right on some of the best bike paths around. You can easily find these rentals on our website, or of course, just ask one of our friendly agents when booking your accommodations. Also, our staff can also point you to some of their favorite bike rides throughout the area. We are happy to share our favorite rides with our guests!