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Thrill Attractions in Galveston

If you can only handle lying on the beach for so long before you start craving a thrill, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of adventures you’re going to have while in Galveston. Fortunately, there’s much more to this island town than leisure recreation and historical sightseeing. You don’t have to look very hard to discover a world of exciting entertainment awaiting your arrival. Check out the following adrenaline-pumping Galveston activities and Galveston amusement parks ready to set the stage for a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Pleasure Pier

Galveston’s Pleasure Pier may be a historical landmark, but that doesn’t mean it can’t show you a good time. Situated over the Gulf of Mexico, the pier’s most breathtaking rides will put you out right over the water. Every thrill-seeker must take their turn on the Iron Shark Rollercoaster, rising 100 feet into the air before vertically dropping at 52 miles per hour and being thrown into four inversions and a diving loop.

Jet Boat Thrill Ride

Want a thrill the whole family can participate in together? Galveston’s Jet Boat Thrill Ride is just the answer. Settle into your seat and hold on to your belongings as you get ready to hit the water at accelerated speeds before suddenly making right angle and 360-degree turns without ever slowing down. This is 25 minutes of non-stop fun and exhilaration.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is the perfect place to get your heart racing in no time. Get ready to take a plunge as you encounter some of the most thrilling water rides you’ve ever experienced in this Galveston amusement park. Freefall from the Cliffhanger at 81 feet in the air going up to 40 mph, travel vertically down Rohr! For 244 feet after dropping from 70 feet high, and wind your way through MASSIV Monster Blaster, officially the world’s tallest water coaster at 81 feet and 6 ¾ inches high.

Ghost Tours

For a unique, hair-raising experience, schedule a ghost tour to hear all about the eerie past of Galveston. You’ll get to hear spooky ghost stories of some of the island’s most haunted residents as you stroll through the Strand and visit the area’s most haunted locations.


If jumping out of airplanes is more your thing, Galveston can offer that too. Skydiving is a one-of-a-kind life moment, and there’s nowhere better to cross it off your bucket list than over the stunning scenery of the Texas Gulf Coast. You can expect to freefall at 120mph before landing safely on the beach.

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