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The historic Grand Opera house in Galveston, Texas.

The Grand 1894 Opera House: The Best Theater in Galveston

Having survived hundreds of years of natural and manmade disasters, the Grand 1894 Opera house and theater in Galveston is living proof of the strength and survival skills of a native Texan. This fine lady survived the catastrophic storms of 1900 and 1915 and then again managed to survive the angry destructive power of Hurricane Carla in 1965 and Ike in 2008; it will take more than a little bad weather to destroy this Galveston theater! Beginning as a live action theater, then morphing into a vaudeville theatre and finally a movie house over the centuries, today, this Victorian era building has once again returned to its roots, operating as a non-profit performing arts theater.

About this Historic Galveston Theater

Proud of her position on the National Register of Historic Places and deserving of no lesser title, this Galveston theater has come a long way since it’s opening night performance of The Daughters of Eve. The Romanesque Revival star building stands regal and proud in its premium location at 2020 Post Office Street in the historic district of Galveston. The exterior has little of the flourishes and excess that is so prevalent in Victorian architecture, exhibiting only one oversized arch at its entrance and a scattering of smaller ones over top story windows; the interior, however will wow you.

Blue velvet seats add a touch of the unexpected to a grand Galveston theatre whose stage is massive and imposing, with acres of red velvet curtains sweeping across its expansive wood floor. Individual boxes along the sides of the theater offer unparalleled views of the stage below, and the opportunity to be seen and judged as superior to the occupants of the main floor and balcony! The Grand theater in Galveston is a shining example of splendor and riches, and if you get the opportunity to view a show during your stay, you should consider yourself very privileged!

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