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Look right up into an oil rig at the Ocean Star Galveston Oil Rig Museum

The Galveston Oil Rig Museum

Two common critiques of museums are that they are too esoteric or too unrelatable. Frequently, museums specialize in something too niche to really attract a grand audience—this makes these museums poor choices for family outings. Other times, museums focus too much on their subject and not enough on the world they’re presenting—an art museum might fail to explain the importance of a work to the life of the author or its dedicatee, or a history museum will show artifacts of the past without helping the audience really understand the connection—or the disconnect—with our current lives.

The Ocean Star is a museum with a peculiar focus that still manages to avoid both of these downfalls. The Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum is relevant, engaging, modern, understandable, and fascinating.

What Makes the Oil Rig Museum in Galveston So Special?

The Ocean Star Galveston oil rig museum is indeed a retired offshore drilling rig, and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like on a floating hunk of metal that’s sucking up liquid from below the bottom of the sea, there’s hardly a better place to find out. The museum showcases what life is like for people who perform this dangerous but well-paying work, leaving shore for months at a time and living at their work.

Plus, few fields are as relevant to our everyday lives as the manufacture and refinement of petroleum. While the museum is bent in favor of supporting offshore drilling, its exhibits are high-quality and explain many of the hidden complexities that impact offshore drilling. It’s one of the most modern museums out there, showcasing not only methods and equipment pioneered long ago, but how companies have improved on them, right up to the top techniques used by the biggest oil conglomerates today. It’s quite educational, with many kid-friendly exhibits that explain not only technology, but also earth sciences. The books in the gift shop could also easily come in handy in many science reports.

Finding the Ocean Star Museum

One of the few museums in Texas that’s literally on the water, you’ll find this oil rig museum in the Galveston Channel. Park on the intersection of Harborside Drive and 21st street, and head to the Museum’s entrance at the east end of Pier 20. The tickets are fairly cheap at under $10 per person, with reduced rates for seniors, students, and children. Group rates are also available. If you’ve ever wondered about the mysterious processes affecting everything from water quality to gas prices, the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum is the place to check out.