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Ashton Villa Galveston, TX

Anyone who has been to Galveston Island, TX knows that there is much more to the coastal town than beautiful beaches and amazing weather. It is an old port city with centuries of unique history that has shaped the destination it has become today. It is known for having a community that is committed to preservation and restoration, which is why many original structures have been saved and are still standing today. Among them is Ashton Villa. The mansion is one of the most noteworthy and awe-inspiring historical sites on the island. Its construction was started in 1859 by James Moreau Brown and was occupied by his family for several decades. It eventually ended up in the possession of the Galveston Historical Foundation, where it currently remains.

What Makes Ashton Villa a Must-See Attraction?

Ashton Villa holds a special place in Galveston and Texas history for several reasons. It was not only the first house to be built on Broadway Blvd, but it was also the island’s first mansion and one of the first brick buildings in Texas. Though it was the residence of the Brown family, the home was designated as the headquarters for the Confederate Army during the Civil War, playing a major role in that period of time.

Along with its storied history, Ashton Villa’s dramatic architecture and intricate details make it just as impressive now as it was in its prime. It was a constant gathering spot for social functions before experiencing water damage from the notorious hurricane of 1900.

Visitor Information

After Ashton Villa was saved from its impending demise by the Galveston Historical Foundation in 1970, it was opened as a museum in 1974. On display was a collection of the family’s original furniture and art. Unfortunately, the mansion is no longer open for public tours, but the first floor is available to rent for private events. In fact, Ashton Villa Galveston weddings are quite popular! Recognized as a Texas Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Ashton Villa in Galveston, TX provides a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity, making it well worth the visit despite not being able to go inside.

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