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Art Museums in Galveston

Though activities in Galveston TX seem to pull tourists towards its beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and rich history locations, Galveston is also home to a vibrant art community. If you have any kind of appreciation for what artists are able to create, there is no doubt you will enjoy the wide variety of artistry that can be found on the island. There are several art museums in Galveston Texas as well as gorgeous art galleries in the city that are home to some of the most impressive pieces you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Bryan Museum

The Bryan Museum is a treasure trove of unique art. The historic building was opened in 2015 as a museum after serving as an orphanage for many years. It presents many different exhibits throughout the year, mixing art and artifact collections. Some of the art has included paintings by L.O. Griffith, illustrations from Tom Lea, fine art and sketches by Jose Cisneros, paintings and drawings from Josephine Oliver Travis and Franklin Reaugh, and fine art pieces from the Bryan Collection itself.

Galveston Arts Center

The Galveston Arts Center was established in 1986 and is dedicated to featuring cutting-edge contemporary art. There are usually several exhibits on display at any given time, showcasing the work of regional artists. During your visit, you may view the results of an assortment of skills that include sculpture, paintings, drawings, and more. The organization hosts ongoing programs and special events, as well as educational workshops that promote creative expression through the visual arts.

MiArt Gallery

MiArt Gallery is one of Galveston’s top attractions for any art lover. Local artist and owner, Michele Grindberg, displays her own oil, acrylic, and mixed media works of art, in addition to handcrafted ceramics, black and white ink on canvas, and intricately made artisan jewelry created by other artists.

The Heard Gallery

Located in downtown Galveston, The Heard Gallery shows art that is the perfect representation of the surrounding area. Beach-style oil paintings and giclee prints are the main focus of the gallery. There are quite a few masterpieces hanging on the walls, and visitors can choose to have custom paintings made if they see anything that inspires them.

Galveston is a great place to experience true innovativeness through art as you take your time exploring the city’s extensive collection of works. For more information on activities in Galveston TX or where to stay, reach out to the team at Sterling Realtors. We are happy to help you get set up in the best accommodations the island has to offer.

By Ken Lund,