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Experience ARTRAGEOUS Interactive Art and Music Show

Traditionally, most people think of art as a boring experience of going to a local gallery or the local art museum. ARTRAGEOUS takes that idea and throws it out the window. The ARTRAGEOUS show is an interactive art and music event that will get you up and excited about art. The show is designed to crank up your senses to 11 and give you an experience like no other. Celebrate art, music, and even bubble wrap with ARTRAGEOUS.

ARTRAGEOUS is coming to Galveston on May 6 at the Grand Opera House. Guests will be able to overload their sense with a show of vibrant art, crazy music, and intricate choreography at this event in Galveston Texas. The troupe in charge of creating ARTRAGEOUS has created a masterpiece through song, dance, and art. They will go through various styles of art and music to display a variety of different art techniques and abilities. The result of all of this creation is a masterpiece show that will fill the stage with fabulous finished paintings. The troupe will take you on a journey through senses in their amazing show of art.

This group of Canadian artists started their craft in the 1980s with the creation of their non-profit children’s theater. Unfortunately, their theatre burned to the ground, but out of the ashes of their theatre came the idea for ARTRAGEOUS. They chose to take their show on the road to share the wonder of art and music to children of the world. If you would like to come and see ARTRAGEOUS during their Galveston stop, we would love to help you plan your trip.

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