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artoberfest-in-galvestonThe vibrant art scene of Galveston Island, TX comes alive every year during the city’s much-anticipated fine art festival. Held each October, ARToberFEST intrigues numerous visitors to come and view the impressive work on display that was created by a wide variety of artists using different mediums. Presented by The Grand 1894 Opera House in the downtown cultural arts district, the weekend event, happening October 15th and 16th this year, features more than 100 artists that come from all over the nation to participate.

Tips for Attending ARToberFEST

The festival is open for a good portion of the day on both Saturday and Sunday, and there is quite a bit to see and take in. To get the full experience, take your time browsing through the diverse artwork and exploring the messages each artist is hoping to convey. Take advantage of the Kids Creative Zone if you’re bringing along children. Free crafts give them the opportunity to get engaged and take home their own special creation.

Entertainment Options

There will be live music performances going on during ARToberFEST, so if you need to take a break from looking over all the art, you’ll have a chance to just hang out and listen. There are also a number of antique and boutique shops lining the surrounding streets, plenty of dining options, and several permanent art galleries.

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